Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Cafe Renaissance

There are a few things that happen when you start working a lot of hours at the office.  At first it sort of exciting to roll up your sleeves and tackle the project.  It's new work. Interesting work.  Challenging work.  And then the reality hits that it's- well, work.  And  every hour at the office is one less hour to do the laundry, help with homework, and cook.  And when there's no cooking, the time and material for a cooking blog gets really thin--unless, of course, your husband decides to make the one thing he makes better than anyone I know:  Reservations.

Ah.  The pleasure of having someone else cook for you, and then have it all served up to you with fresh roses on white linens in a candlelit space--proceeded by a salmon-colored cosmo.  Hard work has its benefits.  Most people who like food have a favorite eatery.  We foodies may branch out or do take-out, but ultimately we have a spot where we prefer to dine out.   Ours is a restaurant in Vienna, Virginia called Cafe Renaissance.  

It's a bit bizarre to find such a treasure positioned at the end of a strip mall, right down the sidewalk from a dry cleaner and a barber, but once you walk through the double doors you're transported to an entirely different dimension.  The walls are donned with faux-impressionist paintings, the flowers are fresh, and a sure sign that I'm getting older:  it's quiet.  The owner is Iranian, our favorite waiter Jordanian, and the chef is from Turkey, but the food is pure French--and some of the best on this side of the Potomac.  Bring an appetite, your wallet, and good friends.   Even though it isn't cheap, this is a culinary experience that you'll want to share.  But make a reservation, especially on weekends.  This place is busy.   Just like me these days.  Sigh.

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