Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Happy Anniversary

The one year anniversary of my blog was this month.  It sort of got away from me, and I find myself surprised that's it's been a whole year.  Just like each of my kids' birthdays, my wedding anniversary, and well--ok, my age, I find myself perplexed by the passage of time.  Really--how in the hell does it happen?

But it's been fun, and when I started, I questioned whether I'd be able to keep it going.  I worried whether I could find enough material to scratch out an essay every week about life through the lens of food, or perhaps it's food through the lens of life?  Whatever.  I'm still here.  Along the way I've reconnected with old friends and made some new ones--much how I've reconnected with old recipes and tried some that I never would have otherwise.  A year ago when I googled "minivan cook", I came up with stories of minivan murders in Cook County and how to cook crystal meth in a minivan.  Now the same search pulls up this blog.  Say what you will, but I'll take that as an accomplishment.  Many thanks to those of you who follow me, encourage me, or feed me ideas.  We're a small little cadre, but look at this way, we're keeping crystal meth off the internet.   Happy Anniversary, Minivan Cook!

Anniversary Cake

Yeah right.  If you've been following this blog, you know that I don't bake.
Best I'll do is open a box of mix and add water, eggs, and oil.  Better yet--maybe I'll go buy one.  They're big and cheap at Costco.

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  1. Happy Anniversary! And I have found that box cakes really are Almost as good as homemade, especially if you aren't a baker, so I shall not throw stones.

    I actually Liked the Brussels sprouts recipe, and I've always Hated those things. Rosalie liked them, too!